About me

About me

I tell you some things

If you’ve been browsing this website, you may have seen the oil paintings I have recently done. Behind any painting, there’s always a story, which can sometimes be intuited by its brushstrokes. I tell you briefly the story of how I got here, but to not bore you I promise to do it through two little strokes.

My life

I was born in Málaga in 1986. I grew up and studied there; from a very young age with a great affinity for science and especially for astronomy and astrophysics. I obtained the title of Technical Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Málaga, and just after that I moved near Barcelona, where I have been the rest of my life. Currently I combine the work of IT consultant with a multitude of things, to be able to occupy as much free time as possible. I like gardening, bonsai trees, reading, programming… and meanwhile I am studying a Master’s Degree on Astronomy and Astrophysics. My dream in life? I want to keep on ocuppying my time with rewarding activities.

Oil Painting

I started in oil painting when I was 12 years old, attracted in part by my uncle Rafael Rey, a self-taught painter with more than 2,500 works already behind him. By then, and helped by my mother, I painted some canvases that helped me take my very first steps. This first stage was quite short, but over time I learned that it was the germ for the second: since then I could not help but think that I had to pick up a brush again to let my hands express themselves artistically. It was in the year 2017, almost two decades after those first attempts, when I knew I had to take it up again. Although my intention was to paint in mini-canvases exclusively (due to the scarcity of free time), I have dared with larger formats and with unexpected better results.

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